Thank you for visiting Laura's online bridal shower registry! 

Laura has instituted a "no gifts policy" for her shower...

So, we know this is a little non-traditional, but we created this site for anyone who would like to contribute to a cash gift for Laura and Joel.  Any gift you give will go straight to Laura and Joel to help them out with the purchases they will have to make during their first year as a married couple! 

If you'd like to give a gift, just click on "Registry", use "Laura and Joel" for the "Gift Name", enter the amount, and click on "Add to Registry".

We look forward to seeing you on August 5th...and if you can't make it to the shower, we'll see you in less than 2 months at the wedding!!


Allison, Emily, Becca, Shannon, and Maegan (Laura's Bridesmaids)

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